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Winston Salem Milestone Baby Plan

Ok Ya’ll. I’m starting to show my age here. I photographed Mom and Dad’s wedding probably 10 years ago (I’m guessing, but I bet I’m close). I photographed Cash as a baby and was thrilled when Mom called me to sign up Maddox for my Winston Salem Milestone Baby Plan. Cash is such a big…

Clemmons Baby Studio Photographer

I love the sitting Milestone sessions of my Milestones Baby Plan. A simple backdrop paired with my client wardrobe options are all we need for adorable images. As much as I love outdoor sessions, studio sessions with babies are also a favorite. I’m so fortunate to be the premiere Clemmons baby studio photographer.

Winston Salem Milestones Baby Plan

Sweet baby Arden. This baby doll is a little cherub. Her first year has been so much fun to photograph. Her second session was in the studio with a simple setup and she was a tough cookie to keep up with. She was also a big flirt…photographer’s dream! Stay tuned to see more of her…